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BMW Berlin Match Race 2009

The International BMW Berlin Match Race takes place at the Berliner Wannsee from 28th October until 1st November. It is the German capital's major sailing event.

Originally organised as a one-off event to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the two oldest sailing clubs in Berlin, the VSaW and the BYC, this is now the 18th year it has been held.

Also this year, through the International Sailing Federation ( ISAF) it has risen to the position of a Grade 1 event. This event, ranked together with the Match Race Germany in Langenargen am Bodensee, is in the World's highest league in this discipline of sailing sport.

This year everything concentrates on the men. Last year at the same time, Berlin Match Race also ran a competition for the ladies, but this year it was run separately and took place in July.

BMW is the main sponsor for 2009. Along with the BMW Sailing Cup in VSaW and the Wannseekids, this is another example of BMW's involvement in sailing sports.  

The organisers, the Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee, supported by the Berliner Yacht Club, are able to present a leading group of top competitors. Three of the internationally ranked Top 10 sailors will be at the starting line. Furthermore the newcomer to the Match Race scene will be the 8 times Laser World Champion, twice Olympic winner, twice Silver medal winner Robert Scheidt BRA.

All information concerning this event will be recorded on this Homepage, as it happens.