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What is Match Race Sailing?

The Regatta will follow the International Competitive Sailing Regulations, particularly Appendix C ( Special rules for Match Racing), the sailing instructions and rules for the J 70 Sailing class.
The J 70 boats will be provided and may not be altered by the competitors.
Boats shall be supplied with Mainsail, Jib and Spinnaker. A blue or yellow flag shall be flown from the aftstay. The first boat of a pair displays a blue flag, and must enter the starting line from the portside. The other boat displays a yellow flag and must enter the starting line from the starboard side. These respectively coloured flags shall also be used to indicate penalties or recalls, as well as identification when crossing the finish-line.
After the preliminary signal the helmsman is not allowed to leave the rudder, (excluding an emergency). When a helmsman is incapable of continuing the race, another crew member is permitted to take the helm in the Regatta, only with the permission of the racing organisers.
The 10 competitors will be sailing in the Round-Robin system (one against another). There will be a sail-off for places 5 - 8. The places 1 - 4 go to the semi-final, followed by the petit final and the final.
The course will not be altered after the announcement signal in each Race series. The barrels 1 and 2 are orange coloured buoys.
Any damage must be shown with a white flag on the aftstay before the announcement signal is sounded. The boat should register itself immediately on the starboardside of the Starting boat. When a boat cannot be repaired within a certain time, the opponent wins without racing. The Start and Finish lines are between the mast of the Starting boat on the starboard side and a red flag on the portside. The matches will start in 5 minute intervals. Each boat must start within 2 minutes of its start signal.
When a boat, at the start signal, has a part of the hull, the crew or its equipment, or any extensions windward of the start line, a boat identification flag ( yellow or blue) will be shown and an acute signal heard until the boat has manoeuvred back fully behind the Start line.
The umpires are positioned in a rubber dinghy directly by each pair of boats and they signal with coloured cylinders any penalties for each boat. If both boats have the same number of penalties then neither boat needs to take the penalties. If the difference in penalties is more than two, then the race is finished and the boat with the least number of penalties is the winner. All penalties must be taken before going over the Finish line. When there is more than one penalty outstanding they must be taken immediately.