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Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee

On 6th October 1867 the club (Verein) was founded with 14 members and 8 boats on the banks of the Havel. It is the second oldest German sailing club, and was founded shortly after the Segelclub RHE in K√∂nigsberg. In 1877, with the foundation of Kolonie Alsen, then later Wannsee, the yachts were anchored in the largest bay in the Wannsees. The Club accquired  a ground site in 1881 and the first Yacht house was erected, a part of which still survives today. In 1910 the new Clubhouse was opened, a centre for a varied sport, social and cultural clublife, which is still in existence today. This clubhouse, together with approximately 10.000 sq.metres of water and sport facilities, counts among one of the finest clubhouses in Europe.

With approximately 1000 members the Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee is one of the largest clubs in the German Sailing Association ( Deutschen Segler-Verband). The Youth section of the club has over 100 young sailors. Because of the VSaW size and history, the members have input in the sailing sports of national and international organisations.

According to the club rules, the aim of the club is the sponsorship of watersport, particularly the sailing race sports, and the training of the younger members as race sailors.

Since at least the end of the last century, yachts from the VSaW have sailed to victory in national and international competitions. At the 1936 Olympics the first gold medal for sailing sports was won by the German team, Bischoff / Weise from the Vereins-Starboot "Wannsee".  In 1964 Willy Kuhweide won for Germany the second gold medal  for sailing, when competing in the Finn Dinghy class. Since then members of the VSaW have achieved numerous victories in national and international Regattas. In June 2001 the VSaW Olympic team was founded.

The Kieler Yacht Club, the Norddeutschen Regatta Verein , the Hamburger Segel-Club and the Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee are the four clubs which build the Kieler Woche, the main International Sailing event. On home ground there are approximately ten Regatta events throughout the year. One of them is an International German Championship and at the end of each season is the Berlin Match Race, with participation of the world's best sailors. Alongside the race sailing, there is also the cruise sailing. Lots of members of the club have their yachts in the harbours of the Ostsee and the Mediterranean, and from their home harbour in Wannsee many leave each season to cruise.