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Desription: BMW Berlin Match Race
Status: Grade 1
Format: Matchracing (boat against boat)
Dates: 04. - 07. November 2010
Venue: Berlin/Wannsee
Prize: 19.900 Euro
Yacht Type: 7 yachts, type J 80 (4 people)
Competitors: By invitation only, for Leading Match Race, World Ranking, America's Cup and Olympic sailors and Teams.
Berlin Match Race History: The first race was organised in 1992. This year is the 19th year of the Berlin Match Race.
Organiser: Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee, Berliner Yacht Club
Main Sponsor: BMW AG
Sponsors: Marine Pool, Juwelier Lorenz, Liros, Marina Lanke-Berlin, NordControl, Reederei Riedel, Spreeradio 105,5
Spectators 2009: About 6,000 spectators followed the exciting competition from the spectator boats.
Press Service 2010: Our Press Team will support journalists, photographers and TV teams at the venue.
Press questions direct to Frank Butzmann: matchrace@vsaw.de